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The Hopflower Philosophy

December 2, 2009

Local, seasonal, sustainable, artisanal, organic: these are all good words.  Good words that are typically applied to good food.  And we here at Hopflower are definitely into good food in a big way.  What could be better than a fresh, juicy apple picked from the tree in your back yard?  Or a beautiful, aromatic hunk of cheese made from cows at a local dairy?  We’ll tell you what could be better: adding a frothy pint!  Pairing an appropriate beer with your fresh, lovingly prepared foods instantly increases the enjoyment of your meal (or snack, or even dessert!).  A glass of brew, whether it is light or hearty, will awaken your palate; novel tastes combine, new flavors emerge, and that lovely, warm feeling creeps into your belly. 

Just as all foods are not created equal, nor are all beers.  Sure, there are some fine beers out there in the macrobrew world but, when we can, we prefer to champion the littler guy.  The craft brewing movement has given a voice to thousands of beer lovers who see beer not just as a bubbly, yellow liquid in a can, but as an art form.  Beer is a medium of expression to these men and women; it can be deep amber and nutty, rich black and chocolatey, vibrant yellow and citrusy.  The combinations are (thankfully) endless.  And those good words for good food can also be applied to good beer.  Seasonal?  A lovely, dark stout is always delicious, but especially when the weather is chilly and you’re enjoying rich, filling, comfort foods.  A light pilsner can be refreshing all year, but isn’t it appreciated a bit more during the hot summer days?  And the same way some fruits and vegetables are only available at their peak freshness during certain seasons, some breweries reward their fans with seasonal brews, only available for a few months out of the year.  Of course, we’ll take a good, hoppy pale ale day or night, winter or summer, with food or without.

Local is also an important word in beer.  It’s very fulfilling to take advantage of the bounty your local beer community offers.  Often, what you get are beers that reflect the spirit of the region.  Also, it helps encourage local brewers and supports the local economy.  We are fortunate enough to live in beautiful, sunny San Diego, so we have beers from Stone, Alesmith, Ballast Point, and any other number of local microbreweries flowing like water.  We try to take advantage of this community perk whenever we can.

Ok, we’ve made it fairly clear that we love beer.  And boy, do we love beer.  But we also love food and the joy that comes with preparing a meal.  In our hearts, we are cooks.  We delight in creating a dish and serving it to friends and family.  At Hopflower, our goal is to marry our passions for beer and cooking, by incorporating beer into our actual dishes whenever we can.  We try to do this in new and interesting ways and while it doesn’t always work out, we are always better for the effort.  Plus, it is a great excuse to enjoy a pint while cooking dinner!  When it comes to beer, our motto is a quarter cup for the recipe and the rest for the chef!

We hope you enjoy our adventures in beer and cooking.  Feel free to share your favorite beer recipes with us, tell us about your favorite brews, or just say hi.  We are always looking to expand our community of foodies and…brewies?

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